Episode 187 – Cloud Marketplace, AI to Diagnose Illnesses, Internet Speed Disparity

Topic 1: Marketplaces — McBain is big on them, but how well do they scale down?

AWS Marketplace makes it so you find everything you need in one spot. As a seller, the appeal is apprent. As a vendor, especially a small to medium business, the playing floor might be a bit crowded.


Topic 2: Voice-Scanning AI Aims to Diagnose Respiratory and Mental Illness … What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 


Whereas facial recognition software is designed to use AI to recognize your image, voice-scanning AI is designed to evaluate vocal patterns and attributes that can be used in call centers or via hearing-aid style devices to identify if the speaker is struggling with depression, anxiety, asthma, COPD, etc.

Advocates point to 80% accuracy (?!?) as a way to improve diagnostic success. Critics point to abuses of privacy … not to mention the bigger issues of fraud and violation of existing (limited) laws.

Topic 3: Disparity in Internet Speeds Does Not Equal Differences in Internet Service Prices


If we’re willing to look at the data with a clear lens, the quality : price of internet service around the US is nowhere near good enough … nowhere near equal … and nowhere near an accident.

The analysis provided in this report by The Markup shows massive disparity in access to internet services in markets across the country. And the fact that this low level of service quality exists in the country where this technology was actually invented should make our heads explode.

Clearly this is a deliberate strategy, and it isn’t going to change anytime soon. What can the tech industry do to jolt the internet security provider industry to change their strategy? How can we go around them to provide quality internet service to everyone?

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