Episode 185: Dodging an Existential Bullet, Google Shuts Down Stadia, & Ambient Intelligence

Topic 1: The Open Internet as We Know It Dodged an Existential Bullet Last Week



In an election for the Secretary-General of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), members chose Doreen Bogdan-Martin from the United States – the first-ever woman to hold the post. But that is not the reason this election was monumentally important: it was literally a showdown between an open internet and an authoritarian-controlled internet. And almost every single human on Earth didn’t know it even happened … or what the consequences may have been. Consider us lucky.

Topic 2: Google Shuts Down Stadia Online Gaming Service … Does Google Have an Innovation Problem?


Google announced it’s shutting down the 3-year old Stadia gaming service … the latest in a long line of big technical breakthroughs that Google has failed to turn into big business successes. Why did this (seemingly really cool) new service not succeed? And does this hint at a bigger issue about Google’s ability to grow? Or … about the ability of tech giants in general to grow at a rate that is “enough” for their thirsty shareholders?

Topic 3: Amazon Wants to Cocoon You With ‘Ambient Intelligence’

The company’s new smart gadget uses radar to track your breathing while you sleep. It’s part of Amazon’s plan to weave its products invisibly into your life.

Meet “Halo Rise” – Because they couldn’t come up with a creepier name.

Consider it the opposite of the metaverse. 



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