Episode 184: Public cameras and Privacy Concerns, Machine Translation, and Darth Vader!

Topic 1: Public Cameras, Social Media, Art, and Privacy concerns

Great article on how to use publicly-available surveillance systems and open source facial recognition to mash up Instagram selfies with Earthcam video. 

Artist shows all the “behind the scenes” activities that go into professional selfies – all while violating copyrights and GDPR on a grand scale.


Topic 2: Machine translation – what if the translation misses subtlety?  

In our global society, we are starting to lean heavily on these online translating tools. Because of this, we are now at a place where machine translation is reasonably advanced…“Reasonably” being the operative word. 

So what happens when we rely on machine accuracy in times of life and death? What are the real human implications of being lost in translation? 



Topic 3: Darth no more? Is an AI Darth Vader still a valid Darth Vader?

To immortalize one’s voice–any ethics concerns here? And by doing so, will there be any room for new talent? Will we continue to recycle a pool of posthumous talent? How far will we go with synthesizing a living, breathing human? 


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