Episode 181: SMBs need MSPs, Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, & Police subscribe to “Fog Reveal”

Topic 1: Any surprises in the research? SMBs need MSPs

“A new survey of over 500 IT decision makers at small and medium businesses, from threat detection and response specialist Vade, shows 69 percent say a serious breach had bypassed their current email security solution.

It’s perhaps not surprising then that SMBs are increasingly likely to turn to managed service providers, with 96 percent of organizations either currently outsourcing at least some of their needs to MSPs or planning to do so in the future.” 

See https://betanews.com/2022/09/08/smbs-turn-to-msps-to-improve-cybersecurity/

Topic 2: California passes well-intentioned “Age-Appropriate Design Code Act”

…and then makes it unenforceable  because of absurd fines. With fines at $7,500 per affected student, the only options are 1) Go out of business, or 2) Use every penny you have to fight enforcement of the law.



Topic 3: Police departments subscribe to a geolocation database that lets them bypass warrants to track mobile devices.

The database “Fog Reveal” is available by subscription. For less than $10,000/year, law enforcement agencies can search historical records from 250 million mobile devices. This gives them the power to create “patterns of life” analysis on individuals. The cell phone tracking tool allows them to track GPS movements going back months. Very often, this is done without warrants.


…and don’t forget www.Data.gov  – over 335,000 government databases open to the public.


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