Bonus Episode – BIG Quiz – MSP Podcast Crossover Event

Hey, welcome to a special episode of the Evolved Radio Podcast. The episode today is a little something different. 

You may have seen me and some podcast friends promoting the MSP podcast crossover event. You have the chance to win $1000 cash. You just need to post on social media with the hashtag #MSPPodCastCrossover. That will enter you in the draw if you post within 24 hours of us posting this episode. 

So the episode today is a fun gameshow-style event where myself and other MSP industry experts are answering some surprisingly difficult retro tech questions. It’s a fun event and you can play along with us. Then at the end, you’ll hear each of us tease our podcasts, so you can go check those out on your podcast platform of choice.  I hope you enjoy this fun episode.

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