Antivirus Trends, MSP Programs, AI Strategy, Vendor Neutrality, and Generative AI Interfaces

Nearly half of Americans still use third-party antivirus software despite built-in security features in mainstream operating systems. The reasons for this choice include fear of malware, privacy concerns, and online shopping security. Additionally, there is a growing fear of losing cryptocurrency, especially among older age groups. The episode also highlights the issue of freelancers on Fiverr offering access to personal data tools, raising concerns about privacy and content moderation.

The episode delves into the launch of Ninja One’s global channel partner program, aimed at driving partner growth through training, support, and marketing resources. Ingram Micro’s AI services in Australia and New Zealand are also discussed, focusing on enhancing AI capabilities and providing workshops and guidance to small and medium-sized businesses. The importance of leveraging vendor programs and understanding vendor neutrality in healthcare MSPs is emphasized, along with a cost-saving analysis for managing contingent workforces in-house.

Dave Sobel explores the challenges and barriers organizations face when implementing AI and automation strategies, such as data quality, technical challenges, and cultural change. The episode also touches on the implications of generative AI technology, with experts raising concerns about its impact on industries, job security, creativity, and content quality. The importance of considering user needs and intended functionality when designing generative AI applications is highlighted, emphasizing the need for a tailored approach based on specific use cases.

As the episode wraps up, Dave Sobel provides a preview of upcoming content, including a feed drop of his appearance on Dark Rhino Security Confidential, discussions on open source AI and cybersecurity, and an interview on the Service Leadership Profitability Report. Listeners are encouraged to share the show with colleagues and stay tuned for future episodes covering a range of tech topics.


Three things to know today

00:00 From Malware Fears to Privacy Concerns: Why Americans Choose Third-Party Antivirus

03:38 NinjaOne’s Partner Growth and Ingram Micro’s AI Services

04:46 Understanding Vendor Neutrality in Healthcare MSPs: A Cost-Saving Analysis



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