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Segment One: What Are You Up To?

April and May is a busy month for our hosts.

Check out one of their many events!

Asigra Webinar April 19th –

NSITSP Insurance Webinar April 26th –

NSITSP Coaching with ChannelWise at the ChannelPartners Conference May 3rd –

NSITSP All-Member Meeting May 10th – 

SMB Online Conference May 17-18 – 

NSITSP Webinar on Press Relations May 24  . . . Link coming soon

Segment Two: 15 Minutes with a Smart Person – Will Faiste 

Will has been a Windows user since Version 1.0. Trained in computer science at Johns Hopkins University, he has held positions as a transaction processing systems programmer, magazine editor, newsletter publisher, Wall Street analyst, CTO, and systems consultant.

Segment Three: The MSP Question of thr Week

Should techs be using Google?

And let’s push Karl’s button. Microsoft set to change the Print Screen button so it opens the Snipping Tool in Windows 11.

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