AI, Cyber Insurance, E-commerce, and MSP M&A Trends

Dave Sobel is joined by Rich Freeman from Channelholifc to discuss the latest trends in the tech industry. The episode delves into the fluctuating premiums of cyber insurance policies, with a decline in premiums attributed to various factors such as favorable underwriting results and increased caution in risk selection. The conversation also explores the evolving landscape of self-service platforms in the MSP industry, with a focus on Pax8’s new marketplace and the concept of self-serve storefront functionality.

 Rich Freeman shares insights from his recent conversations with industry experts, highlighting the spectrum of approaches towards AI and automation among MSP platform companies. From Atera’s aggressive push towards automated ticket resolution to Kaseya and N-Able’s more deliberate and cautious strategies, the discussion sheds light on the varying approaches to incorporating AI into managed services. The episode also touches on the importance of data management and the value of being strategic and deliberate in leveraging data to drive business outcomes. 

Additionally, the episode previews an interview with Yusuf Khan, the head of data science at Constellation, where the focus is on the surge in research and funding directed towards utilizing data effectively. Khan emphasizes the importance of being smart with data, understanding its value, and contextualizing it to specific industries to enhance decision-making and drive better outcomes. 

The episode concludes with a call to action for listeners to share the show with others and support the content through Patreon, highlighting the impact of additional listeners in sustaining the delivery of valuable content in the tech industry.

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